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Works on White is a collaboration between Badgewearer and SpOp, resulting in films and live performances.
February 8-9 -2019 Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam
February 10-2019 in Extrapool, Nijmegen
April 18-2019, Guild Cinema, Albuquerque
April 20-2019, Center for Peace, Albuquerque
April 24-2019, Johnny's Warehouse, Tucson
May 23-2019, Off Screen, Rotterdam
June 19-2019, WORM, Rotterdam
September 21-2019, Magacin, Belgrade
September 24-2019, DorcolPlatz, Belgrade
September 28-2019, LaboNova, Reillanne
November 10-2019, Le Mini Who, with WORM, Utrecht
March 7-2020, Ursula Walter gallery , Dresden
March 25-2020 Trans-Pecos, New York (delayed to post-corona)
March 29-2020, Ann Arbor film festival, Michigan (streamed)
Dec 23-20 to Jan 10-21 Hilton Art Lab, Rotterdam

Alterations, a video installation with interactivity. Filmed in Belgrade as two fictional cities. Lately tried out at the _V2Lab, Rotterdam and showing there 7-9 October 2021 --> click for more information...

The video installation Broom Groom, adapted to monitors,
is part of a group exhibition at the Science Gallery,
Erasmus MC Rotterdam, 03/04-29/11 2020
Music by Marc Verhoeven.
07/03-30/5 2020 A solo exhibition at Ursula Walter gallery, Dresden, DE ----> video, drawings and a performance with Badgewearer
<--- From the series of digital collages Time Machines, for the article: 'Rethinking the Past Reclaiming the Future' by David Duindam. Included in a recent publication by the Dutch Embassy in Berlin and Onomatopee.
Working on: a project evolving around milk and milk powder. Starting in Vevey, Switzerland.
Up here the trailer of the newly released experimental dance film with music by Dirk Bruinsma. Dealing with connectivity, entanglement and barriers. In collaboration with the dancers Ana Obradović, Jovana Grujić and Nemanja Bošković. Camera work by Jovana Milovanović and Marko Segedinčev
Made possible by the Mondriaan Fund.