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The Layers series contain the screening of short and very short films with the occasional fragments from feature films. An eccentric mix that creates a combination of depth and absurdity. Phenomena of indifference, nihilism and fatalism are central notions to the research of this project. Layers provides the opportunity of looking at moving image through other glasses.
The series refer to the symbolism created through visual language and the complex relationship between the individual and visual culture. Treasures in between Layers supply a huge potential for re-thinking and re-viewing.
Films about twist and manipulation.
The presentation of crooks, sneaky creatures, poisonous and alluring witches and indifferent gorgeous figures. The evening deals with the longing to be led and misled by the charms of beauty and the fascinating power of having no scruples. With films by: Kevin Blechdom & Lucile Desamory, Abner Preis, Peter Burr, Superelectric, Rachel Carey, Efrat Zehavi, Pauline Curnier Jardin and more.
Why do we stare at screens, cheer at promising figures and lose our minds by the sight of consumer-products? What’s the best way to be manipulated? Shiny Moments deals with the relation between material goods and destructive ideology.
The film evening Shiny Moments is setting the viewer on a track assuming fascination is embodied by tiny light explosions. A constant search for ways that will help forgetting the tediousness of daily life. The programme dives into painful memories, absurd turning points of the past, floating with the soothing pleasures of design and transcending with abstract textures of projected celluloid. The film evening Shiny Moments contains works by Fred Pelon, Daya Cahen, Nan Hoover, Lichun Tseng, Florian Cramer, Bojan Fajfric, Aaron Koblin and others.
The String, the third episode of the series Layers in WORM, follows ‘the line’ as a central topic. Wires, story lines, masking tape strips and schizophrenic confusion.
Line of thought, drawn and programmed strings. The ultimate abstraction with all its connotations. Having it under control in order to be losing it all over again.
The String contains works by Hester Scheurwater, Philip Ewe, Christian Hansen, Jan Bokma, Anna Lange, Marta Jurkiewicz, Henk Otte, Toshie Takeuchi and more.
Power and pain as represented in both artistic-experimental as well as rather regular films. Relating to - and dealing with - physical pain through media and film. Another aspect will be the relationship of dominance and dependency between a leader to her/his followers. And again about commercialism: how are negative emotions being fed into creating fascination, loyalism and blind trust out of need.
With films by: Joan Dee, Nick J. Swarth, Tijmen Hauer & Taatske Pieterson, Roee Rosen, Sara Rajaei, Peter Bogers, Ludo Mich, Marja-Leena Sillanpää & Anastasia Ax and more.
Shiny Moments
Liars in Layers
The String
Oh & Ouch
29th October 2014
24th September 2014
25th June 2014
2nd April 2014
Nice House
11 February 2015
The series of Layers took place in WORM Rotterdam 2014-2016. With the kind support of the Rotterdam council - department of Culture
Films about work and labour. About repetition, accomplishing tasks, and standing confused in the midst of production lines.
How does film deal with the impossibility of making monotone tasks interesting. How does film accomplish its own task?
Figures are shown contemplating, struggling and progressing towards their goal, while they almost never appear to be actually working. It is the grey zone of having to invest time, chop it to equal parts in a scheduled plan which was set in advance.
What is the actual work in film? is it the communication with the audience, the presentation of an end product or is it a rhythm leading to the following shot? When do ideas pop up in order to disturb, distort and change the expected rhythm of the repetition.
With films by: Anneke Coppoolse, Gil & Moti, Nick J. Swarth, Alison O'Daniel, Lernert & Sander with Arno Coenen, Feiko Beckers, Fucking Good Art, Chto Delat?, Rotterdam City Archive and more.
Die Arbeit
10 December 2014
Layers 2014
29 April 2015
2 September 2015
24 June 2015
4 November 2015
Starting with Japan and Japanese soft spot for robots and bred animals, continuing into stray dogs charity and facebook cats video's.
An innate sensibility that must find expression: the production of Oxytocyne without interference of human contact. As represented in moving image, how these creatures are being impersonated and welcomed to take part in - or take over - our affairs.
With films by: Pim Zwier, Esther Urlus, Martha Colburn and more.
An evening hopping in between staring, passing and sitting down on a folding chair. Watching nature and urban landscapes, realizing it's a temporary condition. 'We're here to go' (Burroughs) and 'I am only passing through' (Jesus) – that's the motto. Crossing a border seen as the ultimate fulfillment of a dream, both for the vacation-tourist as for the 'illegal' immigrant. Watching films seen as entering Burroughs's dream-machine. With films by: Joseph Moore, Helen Flanagan, Ken Feingold, Ra Di Martino, Jan Frederik Groot, Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi and more.
Films made by hidden makers, gathered groups and other identity splits. Films that were realized through an open experiment and open to chance and improvisation. Also; films that deal with the subject of authorship, dealing with visibility, power of the media and power of long lost imagery. With films by: Renate Zentschnig, Renzo Maartens, Francien van Everdingen, Elodie Pong and more.
The right way, out of many ways, to organize your life. Family life, modern communes and other arrangements. New and old utopia's or holding on to norms. Films that deal with interactions, monologues, dialogues and dynamics. About structures of sharing and sealing, giving and keeping, opening up or making exclusive. A mix of abstract, graphic and documented stories.
With films by: Bart Vegter, Corinne Schnitt, Thomas Mohr, Kari Robertson, Telcosystems, Bram Bogaerts, Joost Rekveld and more.
About architecture and friendliness. Cacophony and repetition, Panopticon, suburbia and megalomaniac high rises. The influence and symbolic value of architecture in film. How is architecture depicted and when does it take a prominent role? Modernism versus conservative classicism, design versus nostalgia, pathos versus modest – or was it subtle snobbism?
The evening examines the warmth and even empathy that houses seem to have. Or not. And how it works in the space of a frame. The calm that an architectural line can bring to the set, the authority of large estates or the playfulness of cubicles illustrating the story.
With films by: Petra Noordkamp, Vincent Meessen, Anouk De Clercq, Nicolas Provost, Gerard Holthuis, Toine Horvers and more.
Layers 2015
Mischiefs and Miss Perfect
Greytone Rainbow
Fads and Freud
Rear Windows
2 March 2016
4 May 2016
29 June 2016
12 October 2016
2 November 2016
Colour and boredom. Losing any religious faith and wallowing in decadence. A seemingly never-ending freedom of choice leading to multiple mutations. An excess of wealth causing total disinterest as a side-effect. Gambling as the last resort for the spoiled brats. A place where we could almost see the light (again). With films by: Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Búrca, Donna Verheijden, Pilvi Takala, Florian Cramer and more.
Misbehaviour, bad mothers & cheating wives, tricks for stealing and manoeuvring. A rough historical cut reflecting brilliant deceptions. Despite a series of fascinating characters, the focus will be directed towards the way light, colour, props, location and music illustrate these twists.
With films by: Keren Cytter, Kaweh Modiri, Eveline Ketterings, Nastasha Abigail and more.
Calamities in nature are marked in stones, while historical changes are marked in habits, rituals and national identities. The same applies to early personal experiences that mark human behaviour. These monuments to a "drama of the past" are a reason for a story, a story put into moving image.
With films by: Stella van Voorst van Beest, Arthur Kleinjan, Aryan Kaganof and more.
contact: marit(at)spop.nl
Fascination for gadgets, feet devotion, fetish and gas taken in as a boost for rolling currencies. Fascination that has to do with desire and automatic mechanisms. Wobbly emotions that are easily manipulated by the sight of the cutest creatures or a news alarm.
With films by Woody and Steina Vasulka, Pendar Nabipour, Kimberlee Koym, Mariam Eqbal and more.
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Out of frame views and exploding screens. Annoying Op-Art, chaotic violence, actors that sabotage productions, TV studios being taken over and the abrupt turns of plots. Filming from unexpected locations such as under the ground or in the slums of India.
With films by Amichay Bikovsky & Dalit Sharon, Karel Doing & James Holcombe, Arvo Leo, Douwe Dijkstra, Belit Sag and more.